In loving memory of James and Alligene Alexander.

On my drive home to Houston yesterday to pick up my son, I stopped at some places that helped me put my heart at ease and make peace with my grandparents recent departure. Rough days, these have been.

This morning, I woke up to find that Alligene Alexander’s Facebook account was accessed and someone must have accidentally blocked our connection. It’s just Facebook. That’s fine. I’m sure it was just an accidental click of a button.

On the forth of July, I received a called from Alligene’s sister, Gaylon Kastnor, who I might guess is going through a difficult time with the passing of her sister, as she spoke her message to me with some sort of accidentally misdirected vitriol. Gaylon and I have not ever been close as I would have liked, but I forgive her for her words and I sincerely hope that she finds peace within herself. I know this is a difficult time for the entire family. And I know that since Gaylon and my mother, Stacy Alexander, are extremely close- I can see why her thoughts might not be her own.

Today, my grandmother Alligene Alexander and grandfather James Alexander will be put into their final resting places.

May their souls rest in peace and with the knowledge they are both so much a part of my family that words fail to describe the loss we all feel for this sudden departure- within hours of one another. A sad, but beautiful thing.

I will always love them both and will always cherish the memories of the limited time we had together on this Earth as family. I am forever grateful for their words, laughs, smiles, guiding opinions, love, support and sharing coffee without speaking in the mornings during some of our visits.

They are and always will be a part of all of us as a loving family and no person can ever deny that. You are loved and always remembered.

Last known recording of Myles Blackwood and Alligene Alexander

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