There is little more to life than living in the confines of the city. It is my dream to be able to teach my son how to live off the land, but given the status of the current situation where I have not seen him in almost a year, I would like to at least begin the journey of exploring various types of bushcraft techniques for my own personal enrichment.

That said… I’ve recently come across a free Estwing backpacking axe/hatchet with a leather handle.

From what little I know about hatchets, Estwing has a reputation for making the best of the best. There are plenty of models, but the Sportsman E24A (which is what I grabbed from a free pile recently) tends to be the one that everyone knows by site.

Normally, they are around 13 inches long and made of carbon steel. The handle is made of steel with a strong leather cover. It weighs-in roughly at 2 pounds. That isn’t bad especially if you are using it whilst camping and need some quick firewood.

That said, I’m going to take advantage of some of the local library’s resources and check out the electronic versions of some books on bushcrafting. Will update more as time moves forward.

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